One of the Best Self Help Books on the Market

Looking for the best self help books for 2018? What most books on self-improvement and personal development lack is a combination of both the natural and the spiritual aspects of life. But you can’t win big without both! That’s why The Big Day is one of the best self help books on the market for fulfillment Continue Reading »

Change Your Thinking: Powerful Learning Agenda (PLA)

Your thoughts are powerful. They are seeds that grow and determine the reality you experience every day. They affect your emotions, your behavior, and your relationships. When you change your thinking, you literally change your life! But sometimes it’s challenging to change the way you think on a consistent basis. Introducing – your Powerful Learning Continue Reading »

8 Ways to Measure Your Personal Development

In order to measure your personal development overall, you’ll need to take a look at all 8 Areas of your life. How do you know you’re growing in these areas and that they’re headed in the right direction? Ask yourself these 8 questions! Measure Your Personal Development in all 8 Areas Your life consists of Continue Reading »