8 Areas

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How to Live Life to the Fullest

Live life to the fullest potential! But how? Don't leave any of the 8 Areas out! By acknowledging, defining, and developing each of the 8 Areas of your life, you'll find meaning, purpose, fulfillment, and joy. Leaving any of them out and/or neglecting to invest into them will only limit your fullest potential. Discover the best YOU by living life to the fullest! Start now by learning what the 8 Areas of your life are below.

Did you know that your life consists of 8 different areas?

Most of us do well in 1-3 areas at a time, but rarely do we invest into all 8 Areas, and especially not simultaneously. Many people are not even aware of every area, which often limits them in many ways.

Having said this, know that it’s unrealistic to devote the same amount of time into every area all the time. However, you should never neglect any area. What’s the answer? Strategic planning. Sign up to receive our FREE Goal Planning strategy via email and learn how to plan all 8 Areas of your life strategically and effectively.

The 8 Areas shown below are not listed in any order of importance—they are all equally important to your overall success in life, so planning for each of them is crucial. As you read and learn about the areas, think of how you invest into them now and what you could do to grow and improve in each of them.

Can you help me live my life to the fullest?

Yes! As your personal life coach, The Big Day has designed tools and strategies to make it easy for you to thrive in every area so that you reach your maximum potential for success and fulfillment in life. Check out each of the following resources:

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The 8 Areas Of Your Life

  1. Health
  2. Rest Plan
  3. Hobbies
  4. Powerful Learning
    Agenda (PLA)
  5. Wealth
  6. School / Job / Career
  7. Spiritual Plan
  8. Family / Friends


One of the greatest advantages of retraining your thinking according to the wisdom and Spirit of God is the increase of your physical stamina. The natural and the spiritual both contribute to your overall health. The internal changes of retraining your thinking have a direct influence on what and how much you choose to put in your mouth (your diet) and how you choose to exercise. You need at least two core and two cardio workouts each week. This is crucial to helping the other areas of your life prosper, especially in the long run.


Most of us have been well-trained to move non-stop, and because of that mentality, we have forgotten how to rest. It can take work to rest as you discipline yourself to turn off all the devices, remove all the distractions, and power down so that you can think straight and breathe easily. Give yourself time and space to be quiet and forget the agenda. Release all the burdens you carry, and give them to your heavenly Father who cares for you. Allow yourself the freedom to let go, enjoy the moment, and just rest.


There are aspects of life that we enjoy when money, prestige, security, and fame are no object. Hobbies are activities that bring a sense of fulfillment to our life, add to our creativity, and bring out the best in us. It’s a necessary part of life. What inspires you?


What you think is what you are. The reason for introducing you to a PLA is to get you to think differently, to break through your current paradigms and reshape them, and to retrain you to think higher thoughts. In other words, it’s about renewing your mind until you’ve learned how to skillfully master the art of living according to God’s standards in all 8 Areas of your life. Change your thinking and you will change your life!

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The importance of the spiritual aspect of life can often be overlooked as we place a greater importance on all things natural. The truth is, life is 100% spiritual and 100% natural. They are overlapping realities that were never meant to be separated. One without the other significantly limits your potential of winning big in life.

The spiritual is made up of God’s involvement in your life as well as your commitment to Him. In other words, it’s about your relationship with Him made possible through the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Your role in the spiritual includes receiving God’s promises for your life, the daily practice of walking in the wisdom of God, being led by the Holy Spirit, and developing your faith.

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Have you ever strategically worked on your wealth plan? I’m not talking about your job. I literally mean your wealth plan, like planning and pursuing multiple streams of income. Most people don’t set appointments for themselves to build wealth. What do they end up doing? Working for money. Instead, money should be working for you. Your wealth plan is not based on how much money you make, but what you do with what you have left over each month.


In this area, perspective is everything. Most people have been trained to believe that “school”, “job”, and “career” each refer to different parts of life, but in many ways, they are the same. How? An investment into one of these is a direct investment into the others. When you’re in school, the classes you take may or may not apply to your job or career, but learning to discipline yourself, getting through tough subjects, and doing what you don’t want to do all become very relevant when you move into your job or career. In fact, if you look at school or your job as a training ground for your career, then you are directly investing into your career while at school or at work. These become a solid platform for preparing you and transitioning you into your career.

Likewise, even your career is a school. Sometimes you need to learn new things, or learn how to get over the hard parts of the business and approach them like they’re important instead of acting like a drama queen. People rarely want to embrace pain or difficulties. We also don’t want to have to go to school or work, and we don’t want to have to deal with difficult people and situations. We’d much rather have band-aid fixes and get-rich-quick schemes than learn how to resolve conflict or discipline ourselves.

However, we do want to live meaningful, fulfilling, and successful lives. In that case, we need a paradigm shift. And that starts with you today.

If you see yourself as a successful leader, then you’ll work on improving yourself no matter what the environment or circumstances are. In this way, there’s no difference between school, a job, or a career. You’re investing into yourself either way. Just like each of the 8 Areas, this is one collective area that can be your opportunity—even the catalyst—for the greatness you envision in your life.


People you invest into, and who invest into you, are your team members in life. Some of your greatest team members are your family and friends. You can’t reach your highest calling all by yourself. It will take a team of great individuals at your side. Developing these relationships (and this area of life) will take strategic planning and purposeful communication.

The front cover of The Big Day book shows silver whistle with yellow strap