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Welcome to THE BIG DAY - the ultimate preparation for your future!

During the first half of the year, best-selling author Robert W. Whipple and his wife, Nancy (also known as Nurse Nancy), hosted THE BIG DAY talk radio every Saturday morning. Each week featured a new guest speaker, and together they covered a variety of real-life topics that are relevant to everyone. Check out the archives below for real discussions on hot topics and powerful ways to grow in personal success!

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Radio Archives

Feel free to come back and listen often, and share them with your family and friends!

May 26

Episode 17: The Natural and Spiritual Wisdom of God

Host: Robert Whipple | Special Guest: Heather Lester

May 19

Episode 16: Combining the Natural and the Spiritual

Host: Heather Lester | Special Guest: Mary Forsythe

May 5

Episode 15: The Power of Thoughts, The Value of Feelings

Host: Heather Lester | Special Guest: Sharla Brenneman

April 14

Episode 14: The 11 Cornerstones

Host: Robert Whipple | Special Guest: Jason Ward

April 7

Episode 13: Manage Your Time - Get Your Life Back

Host: Robert Whipple

March 31

Episode 12: Building a Solid Net Worth

Host: Robert Whipple | Special Guest: Steve Wisdom

March 24

Episode 11: Personal Success

Host: Heather Lester | Special Guest: Chelsea Cunningham

March 17

Episode 10: Adoption

Host: Robert Whipple | Special Guest: Leo & Lyndsey Lankford

March 10

Episode 9: Dealing with Race in the Marketplace

Host: Robert Whipple | Special Guest: Chauncey Franks

March 3

Episode 8: Faith in the Marketplace

Host: Robert Whipple | Special Guest: Bill Kushnir

February 24

Episode 7: Doing the Impossible - One Step at a Time

Host: Robert Whipple | Special Guest: Heather Lester

February 17

Episode 6: Waking the Giant Inside of You

Host: Robert Whipple | Special Guest: Jim Porter

February 10

Episode 5: Changing Your Mindset

Host: Robert Whipple | Special Guest: Jill Blue

February 3

Episode 4: Having a Wise Health Plan

Host: Robert Whipple | Special Guest: Alden Smith

January 27

Episode 3: Doing the Impossible /

Behind the Scenes with Senior Editor of "The Big Day"

Host: Robert Whipple | Special Guest: Heather Lester

January 20

Episode 2: Having the Right Mindset /

Making a Busy Lifestyle Work

Host: Robert Whipple | Special Guest: Lorie DiPinto

January 13

Episode 1: Building a High Net Worth /

Getting Yourself Off Your Mind

Host: Robert Whipple | Special Guest: Tim Kelly