Change Your Thinking: Powerful Learning Agenda (PLA)

Your thoughts are powerful. They are seeds that grow and determine the reality you experience every day. They affect your emotions, your behavior, and your relationships. When you change your thinking, you literally change your life! But sometimes it's challenging to change the way you think on a consistent basis. Introducing – your Powerful Learning Agenda (PLA)!

Change Your Thinking With a Powerful Learning Agenda

The reason for introducing you to a Powerful Learning Agenda (PLA) is to get you to think differently, to break through your current paradigms and reshape them, and to retrain you to think higher thoughts. Why? What you think about is what you attract more of and eventually what you become. Everything you believe today is what you've been trained to believe, which affects your mindsets (or, the way you think). Most of us have been trained by well-meaning coaches, teachers, parents, books, seminars, etc. If other people train you to live according to their standard, then it's important to understand what that standard is and how it affects your potential. Maybe you've been trained to believe that average is ok. Or perhaps you feel you've been pulled from your purpose in order to appease someone else. On the other hand, however, there are great leaders and mentors who inspire others to achieve more! What you believe and the way you think is so important to your success that it's also one of the 8 Areas of your life.

Have you stopped to consider who or what is training the way you think on a daily basis? That's what your PLA is for! It's a practical way to take inventory and change your thinking for the best. It sets the highest standard of influence over your thinking so that you can be skilled in all 8 Areas and master the art of living abundantly. It's time to step it up in your thinking and make a change that will raise the bar of excellence in your life!

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What's on the Agenda for Today?

We typically have to-do lists and agendas for the more common areas of life (like school / job / career, or family / friends), but how many of us have a "Powerful Learning Agenda"? How common is it to have a checklist of what you're going to do that will help you reshape your paradigms? The most successful leaders are those who work to retrain their thinking on a daily basis. They want to get somewhere in life. They have vision, and in order to attain that vision, their beliefs and thoughts need to line up with that vision.

It's absolutely important to put together an action plan to change your thinking. This blog (and others) is an example of something you could put on your agenda. Your PLA can also include reading and studying the Bible, as well as getting involved with a great community, church, or other smaller groups. It can also include inspiring movies, documentaries, books, and other teaching materials.

Where to Start When Changing Your Thinking

Start with dreaming big and getting a goal in mind. Get a vision for your life that inspires you! Then ask yourself if there are mindsets you have today that would hinder you from achieving that goal. If there are, then you know where to start with your plan to change your thinking. Write them all down in the same place, like the Notes app on your phone. If certain mindsets or (unhealthy) beliefs are holding you back from your vision, then gather resources that will help you think differently. This could include quotes, Bible verses, personal stories from other people, etc. Find people who are achieving something similar and learn from them. These resources are also great examples of what to put in your Keynote Book so that you can reinforce these productive changes.

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Truth: Change Your Thinking for the Best

The best way to change your thinking is with the truth. Also note that fact and truth are different. For example, it could be a fact that you failed a test. But the truth about you is not that you're a failure. So, what's the truth?

The Word of God is truth. Every word that comes from Him is true, so hearing what He says is an irreplaceable part of living the most successful life. It's critically important to hear what He says about you, your life, other people, and your circumstances. Personal success must include both the natural and the spiritual aspects of life. It's also another reason why we published our book, The Big Day – available on Amazon today! In it, we share practical examples of how to walk in the wisdom of God, be led by His Spirit, and develop your faith.

How does truth affect your thoughts and feelings and – BONUS! – what does it have to do with physics? Listen online FREE to:

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Change Your Life with a Powerful Learning Agenda

Your thoughts are so intricately connected to the rest of life that, when you change your thinking, you will literally change your life! You'll change the outcomes of circumstances, relationships, your career, and even your potential just by learning to think differently and believe truth.

Now the question is, why wait?! Change your life today by creating and developing your PLA!

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