8 Ways to Measure Your Personal Development

In order to measure your personal development overall, you’ll need to take a look at all 8 Areas of your life. How do you know you’re growing in these areas and that they’re headed in the right direction? Ask yourself these 8 questions!

Measure Your Personal Development in all 8 Areas

Your life consists of eight separate areas. These 8 Areas are a core concept for The Big Day®. We know that personal success and fulfillment thrives when all of these areas are growing. But that takes intentional investment and strategic planning! So, how do you measure your personal development in all 8 Areas of your life? As we mentioned above, how do you know you’re growing in these areas and that they’re headed in the right direction? This is by no means an exhaustive resource, but we do encourage you to ask yourself the following 8 questions to measure your progress!

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Family and Friends

Ask yourself: Do I have a goal of protecting the connection between me and my friends / family members?

Real love does not condone everything that a person believes or does, but it does seek to protect the connection with the other person no matter what. If other people consider it safe to share what’s really going on inside them, then you’re probably doing a good job of stewarding your relationships. Of course, being a safe place and protecting your connections with others will require you to be responsible for yourself and develop skills for healthy communication and boundaries.


Ask yourself: What am I doing with the extra money I have at the end of the month?

The purpose of a budget is to build wealth. Cut costs and increase income to gain financial momentum. Once you have some type of overage at the end of the month, you can, for example, put 50% of what’s left over into savings and put the other 50% into investments.


Ask yourself: Am I doing something that inspires me and doesn’t have strings attached?

If you’re human, there’s a part of you that enjoys the thrill of pure inspiration. Without hobbies, we often get stuck in performance or duty and obligations, and we end up striving for more yet settling for less. Don’t lose your wonder! Invest in yourself with life-giving activities and inspirational moments–just for the fun of it.

School, Job, and Career

Ask yourself: Am I bringing my “A-game” every day?

This area is a direct investment into your future. You are not destined to live a life of average or below average. You were born to win big. Your standard of excellence in this area will determine your potential for abundance. Be faithful and consistent, and you will reap the rewards.


Ask yourself: Am I intentional about my health plan?

In order to have a health plan, you need to start with a goal. Take a moment to think of your health goals. If you don’t have any, then come up with a couple right now. Be intentional about the food you eat, including when, what, and how much you eat. Also, put it in your plan to do at least 2 core and 2 cardio workouts each week. Again, be intentional about your health plan!

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Rest Plan

Ask yourself: When was the last time I turned off all my devices and removed all distractions for 15 consecutive minutes?

Personal development requires a transformation from the inside-out. If you don't take time to unplug, re-group, and re-focus, then you’ll stay at a surface level in the way you function. That is often why change never goes deep. Taking time to rest seems unproductive at first, but in reality, it gives you a solid platform for necessary self-improvement to take place. Take time to stop what you’re doing and rest.

Powerful Learning Agenda (PLA)

Ask yourself: How have I re-trained my thinking today?

Your thinking determines your reality. If you’re not intentional about the thoughts you think or retraining your mindsets to support a vision for greatness in your life, then chances are, you’re being trained by something else, and your reality is less than what it could be. Your PLA is all about re-training your thinking and aligning it with the wisdom of God, so that it lines up with His idea of your personal development and success.

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Spiritual Plan

Ask yourself: How often do I involve God in the decisions I make?

Involving God in your decisions requires a connection with Him. There’s no one who knows and understands you and your circumstances better than Him. There is also no one more capable of giving you the wisdom you need for your decisions, no matter how small or how important they are. Have you asked God for His perspective lately? You’ll notice a greater improvement in your life the more you align yourself with His wisdom and learn to be led by His Spirit.

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