Effective Time Management: Plan Your Goals

It's not always easy knowing where to start when scheduling your time. In the previous post, Effective Time Management: Map Out These 4 Areas, we talked about the first of two steps for effectively managing your time. In this post, we'll discuss the next phase of time management – how to plan your goals!

Effective Time Management: Plan Your Goals

To continue our time management system, we're going to talk about four simple yet practical ways to set up and manage your goals, otherwise known as planning. The four times below are times that are set apart specifically for the purpose of working on the 4 areas of mapping out your time: dedicated appointments, EGT list, goals, and designated checklists. Take these times to plan, review, modify and/or rearrange these four areas.

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Plan with the Wisdom of God

It's very important to remind yourself not to be led by the schedule when planning, but be led by the Spirit of God. This is one of the foundations of living successfully in both the natural and the spiritual aspects of life. When you set aside your time to plan your goals, start by taking a few minutes to ask for the wisdom of God and to be led by His Spirit. You want to be in the right place at the right time, and no one knows better than Him what's ahead and what's best for you. Once you've set aside time to plan your goals, use the following 4-part planning strategy below.

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15 Minutes Every Evening

Spend 15 minutes every evening reviewing your dedicated appointments for the following day and upcoming week. Decide if you need to rearrange anything. Then, review your EGT list. Check out your designated checklists relating to any dedicated appointments coming up. What you're doing is mentally envisioning and processing your goals for the week. This is a crucial part of preparing to achieve them.

30 Minutes Once a Week

Set aside at least 30 minutes each week (a dedicated appointment in itself) to work on your other dedicated appointments. Plan your goals by reviewing your EGT list and scheduling time to complete some of the items on the list. This is also a good time to create your designated checklists.

90 Minutes Once a Month

On the fifteenth of each month, spend about 90 minutes planning your goals for the upcoming month. Plan your dedicated appointments, EGT list, goals, and designated checklists. Doing this in the middle of the month will give you time to properly transition from one month into the next.

4 Hours Every Calendar Quarter

On the first Wednesday of each calendar quarter, work out a detailed plan for the next 12 months. (It doesn't have to be a Wednesday, but pick a specific day that first week and stick to it.) You may need to block out 4 hours to properly envision the year ahead. Again, ask God for wisdom. Know that things will come up during the year, but plan according to what you know and what you feel as you're led by the Spirit of God. Keep in mind, it should always come with a sense of peace, not pressure!

Don't Wait to Plan Your Goals

Your future is bright! It's time to dream big and envision a hope for your life that answers every setback with a greater comeback. Plan your goals according to what inspires you. What would you accomplish if money weren't a problem? What would you love to do even if no one paid you with money, fame, applause, and rewards? Sometimes the best part of planning your goals is the journey of discovering YOU. You were created for a purpose, and the gifts to attain it were included.

Here at The Big Day, we are passionate about each person living the most successful, most fulfilling life possible. We're here to encourage you with truth and motivate you to pursue the greatness of God in your life. So don't let anything get in the way when it comes to discovering and planning your goals. Don't wait another day! Start where you are today, with the busy lifestyle you may or may not have, with the problems (or "opportunities") already there, and press on. Keep moving forward. Conquer the mountains.

Plan your goals, and make them realities!

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