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Our mission at The Big Day is to give you hope in the midst of the obstacles you’re facing, as well as tools and resources that will empower you to overcome. Our passion is to equip you to succeed mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. That’s what we call “personal success”! That’s also what The Big Day book is all about.

Going from Personal Development to Personal Success

Your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health all affect your personal success, both in the level and the quality of it. The more you develop yourself in these four ways, the more healthy you will be as a person. Health, freedom, and success are all inter-connected. Success begins within you. That's why personal development is crucial for you to win big in life. And guess what?

TODAY, you have what it takes to walk in greater personal success! The key is to make the most of your ‘today’ by unlocking the potential within you. And don’t let that sound cheesy. Let this be an encouragement for you. You have potential to affect circumstances and people, including yourself; and it’s going to happen in one way or another, no matter what! That should make you think about your potential.

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Your Potential for Success

Your potential is like a race horse anticipating the moment for that gate to fly open, so that it can take off and win. There is a desire, no matter how big or small, inside of every human being to win. When you consider your potential to affect things, you would also do well to consider your potential to win. Ask yourself: What do I have the potential to do today?

What kind of potential do you see in yourself to overcome your obstacles and affect situations around you so that they become life-giving? How big is your potential to care for other people AND to take care of yourself? Taking care of yourself is critical. In order for you to walk in greater levels of personal success, you need to invest into your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health.

So, go for it! Do something today that will increase your health in any or all of these ways.

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More Resources for Personal Success

Need a place to start? Want to learn more about taking care of yourself? Check out the following resources!

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