Invest in Yourself: Build a Keynote Book

In order to experience the most fulfilling and successful life, you need to purposefully invest in yourself! One of the best ways to structure and reinforce your personal development and success is to keep what we call a Keynote Book. In this post, you'll learn what it is, how to build one, and how it can change your life!

Keynoting Adds Structure to Life

The system of keynoting adds beneficial structure to all 8 Areas of your life. The purpose of keynoting is to record, organize, and maintain the things you want to grow in and reinforce in your life. Keynotes can include thoughts, attitudes, disciplines, quotes, insights to life, advice, and more. Keynoting will produce in you a mental awareness and sense of direction when it comes to self-improvement. It will greatly strengthen your ability to retrain your thinking and make wise decisions on a consistent basis.

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What is a Keynote Book?

No matter how good your memory is, at some point you'll probably forget something important. And we're not talking about forgetting the milk at the grocery store! Think of one of the most influential pieces of advice you've ever received. . . Got it? Whether you do or don't remember one, you know there has to be a dozen other helpful insights that you don't remember. But what if you had those keys to life all gathered together in one place? Enter, the Keynote Book.

Invest in Yourself with a Keynote Book

Here's a quote from The Big Day, Chapter 6: Building a Keynote Book:

Changing your thinking changes your life. Your life will completely change when you allow God to change your thinking. The only way to change your thought patterns is to change your paradigms and perspectives. That is why the system of keynoting is so powerful. In effect, it detoxes your brain from the junk you have believed and the way this junk has trained you to think.

Each of the 8 Areas of your life are important, but your spiritual life and your thinking (aka Powerful Learning Agenda) could outweigh the others for the reason that the quote above describes. One of the most powerful ways to change your life is to change your thinking by detoxing your thoughts of lies, fear, cynicism, discouragement, and the list goes on. Instead, you'll flourish in all 8 Areas when your paradigms and perspectives are aligned with the wisdom of God.

So, invest in yourself by retraining your thought life. You can do this by practicing the wisdom of God in the way you think. For example, practice dwelling on truth and life-giving words. You can accelerate and reinforce these positive changes when you have the tools (keynotes) at your fingertips. Keeping a collection of these positive impacts, impressions, and influences easily accessible to you will only serve to strengthen the investment you make into your personal growth.

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How to Build a Keynote Book

As we've mentioned, your life is made of 8 Areas. The same goes for your keynote book. You'll first need to decide if your keynote book will be in paper or electronic form. For our example here, we're going to say that it's on your phone. This way, it's easily accessible wherever you are.

Start by making a folder  in some type of notepad or word document app, and name it "Keynote Book". Then, in that folder, create eight separate documents, and label each document with one of the 8 Areas of your life given below:

Rest Plan
Powerful Learning Agenda (PLA)
School / Job / Career
Spiritual Plan
Family / Friends

And that's it! Now that you have all eight sections of your keynote book set up, you're ready to start recording and organizing your keynotes.

As you develop your keynote book, keep in mind the following: 1) You don't need to write down everything you hear. 2) Write down only what inspires you. 3) Write down only the facts and figures you want to remember, as opposed to getting lost in 'fluff' words that may be unnecessary to remember. Keep it simple so that keynoting doesn't become a stress point.

You can also copy notes to more than one area. The idea is to add structure to your personal growth in all 8 Areas of your life, and sometimes a great quote goes for more than one area. But when all your keynotes are organized, it's easy to go back to the ones you need. It might sound something like this...

Me: What was that great tip on wealth I heard last week?

Also me: Check your keynote book on wealth!

Me: Oh, right!

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Your Powerful Learning Agenda

One of the 8 Areas of your life is your Powerful Learning Agenda (PLA). This has everything to do with retraining your thinking and aligning it with the wisdom of God. Your Keynote Book should be a vital part of that agenda. Start with envisioning a life of fulfillment and success. Then collect the resources (including keynotes) to help you get there. Take notes wherever you go! Imagine how your life will improve over the next 90 days, or even 1 year, as you implement your Keynote Book.

Bonus: If you haven't already, take 5 minutes to set up your Keynote Book in your phone!

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